Musicians Project – Rockameem

Rockameem and Marcus Garvey

Like Catfish, Rockameem is a Madison staple. He’s often found on State Street, singing out “money, money, mooonneeeey” while beating away on his djembe. I never spoke with Rockameem until one fateful day this summer, when I sat down to shoot him and listen to his story.

Rockameem is a Vietnam Vet, who says he began drumming to cleanse himself from all the evil he saw during the war. Paraphrasing what he told me, he said that what he appreciates most about drumming is that you can’t pick who you drum for–you just go out and put forth music and love, and the race, creed or belief of those listening doesn’t matter.

He said a lot of other beautiful things that day, which made me think about him in a whole new light. I didn’t get a chance to record him, but if I ever get back to Madison I most certainly will.



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