Musicians Project – Jamey Turner

Red fingertips from so much time in water.

Jamey Turner ( ) is a musician I found on the streets of Alexandria, Virginia, where he was playing his “glass harp” much to the delight of the large crowds he drew in with its melodious sound. Jamey was especially gracious with his time, sharing his story on how he came to play such an unusual instrument.

People loved to watch Jamie play, particularly younger children. Something about street musicians in general seems to attract children; perhaps they are the bravest in interpersonal interactions, the least likely to let shyness get in the way of figuring out how the music is made.

To play his instrument well, Jamey needs to keep his fingers moist and so constantly soaks them in dishes of water on the sides of his glasses. He seemed to reflexively place his fingers in the water, unconsciously keeping his instrument “tuned” out of so many years of practice.

A word about the final image in the gallery below; like so many of the other street musicians I’ve encountered, Jamey seems to be all smiles while performing and amongst his audience. The happiness of these street musicians makes me wonder about what makes them tick, and the secret to a good life.



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